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I often work in collaboration with other inspiring creative practitioners.
Julian Bond, Joel Benjamin, Zoe Berman, Sigrid Bylander, Alpa Depani, Matthew Eberhard, Daniel Goodacre, Geraldine Ng, Lucy Paton, Thomas Randall-Page, Ludovica Rogers, Francesca Rogers, Anthony Staples


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Inflatable Peformance Space. Winning entry of the 2018 Antepavilion Competition.

In collaboration with Thomas Randall-Page 
As much as canals changed London, London’s canals have changed, from conduits of industry and cargo to arteries of art, culture and leisure. Through this proposal we want to reflect upon this change.

With a boat for a father and an airship for a mother, AirDraft is an inflatable space for relaxation and performance.

The lower of two membranes produces a soft playful landscape for lounging around on, and a second far lighter membrane provides shelter and enclosure.

When the membranes are deflated, the incognito AirDraft has ample clearance under even the lowest canal bridge allowing her to relocate and tour.

Viewed from the towpath Air Draft resembles a curiously overloaded cargo boat complementing and adding to Hoxton Docks’ existing ensemble of playful and artistic structures.

AirDraft toured the Regents Canal in August 2018 with a program of commedy, spoken word and live music. The first tour was a hugely successful pilot project and we await to see how the space will be used in the future. 

You can see a short film of the project here.

Photo Credit James Stephenson

Site Plan Plan and Section