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by Benedetta Rogers 
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Currently designing, researching and making. Download my CV here.


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I often work in collaboration with other inspiring creative practicioners.
Julian Bond, Joel Benjamin, Zoe Berman, Sigrid Bylander, Alpa Depani, Matthew Eberhard, Daniel Goodacre, Geraldine Ng, Lucy Paton, Thomas Randall-Page, Ludovica Rogers, Francesca Rogers, Anthony Staples

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Original Photo Credit James Stephenson

The Disappearing Theatre

Inflatable Theatre Space. 

In collaboration with Thomas Randall-Page 
The Disappearing Theatre is an  experimental micro travelling theatre combining performative arts and the power of inflatable
architecture to catalyze urban discourse through spectacle and rapidly deployable architecture. It is a demountable inflatable structure for discussion and performance to be installed consecutively in urban and woodland public spaces, hosting spoken word, music, lectures and debate.